About Us
Flowcytometry Solutions (FlowSols) is a flow cytometry consulting company, which aims at providing complete solution to the researchers and clinicians on flow cytometry. FlowSols has started off as an organization to provide the required support in the field of flow cytometry in India and neighboring countries.  Here, we offer to provide support to the students and researchers engrossed to flow cytometry pitch, towards addressing problems pertaining to instrument handling, experiment design and applications, sample preparation, acquisition, data investigation and presentation. Our mission is to provide a complete flow cytometry expertise, which can help researchers to innovate, lead and excel.
Why FlowSols?
Flow Cytometry is widely used in basic and clinical research. To harness the real power of this complex and rapidly evolving state of art technique, formal training in flow cytometry plays a major role. A formal training with experts is not only important but also critical in order to achieve superior experimental design, accurate data analysis, presentations and appropriate conclusions.In last few years, the number of parameters (colors) simultaneously used in flow cytometry experiments has increased, which has added even more complexity to the researchers and made formal training a paramount importance. We at FlowSols provide you the required insight about the core concepts of flow cytometry, which will help you to perform your experiment/ understand the reports with greater ease and it will also help you to troubleshoot the experimental/ instrument related glitches.
Flow with FlowSols!
FlowSols offers a complete solution to your problems and queries. With the help of FlowSols training program, we bring formal flow cytometry education to the researcher. Our expert trainers provide classroom form of training in basic and advanced topics in flow cytometry at an affordable cost and ensure researchers to gain in depth knowledge about underlying concepts and current practices of flow cytometry.Together with scientific and engineering proficiency, we have the ability to connect with the researchers and to deliver simple and advance concepts efficiently in the field of flow cytometry.