Trainings Offered
Let’s Learn to Flow: This is a 1-day course on flow cytometry intended for beginners with no/ limited flow cytometry theoretical/practical experience. This course is for students at the under-graduate/ post-graduate level and research scholars.The course includes a talk on introduction to flow cytometry and applications followed by a soft lab session on data acquisition using flow cytometry simulation software and data analysis with data analysis software. Two model flow cytometry experiment will be performed viz. cell cycle analysis and two color immunostaining analysis.
Let’s Flow with The Flow: This is a 3-day hands on training course for students and scientists who intended to incorporate flow cytometry in educational or research projects in near future or have limited experience in flow cytometry.The course revisits the concepts of flow cytometry and its theory followed by hands on training on designing flow cytometry experiment, sample preparation and data acquisition using a flow cytometer. The sessions will follow post acquisition data analysis, data representation methods and management of flow cytometry data.
Flow your Way:This is an advanced training for scientists or researchers with previous experience of flow cytometry or scientists with requirement of specific flow cytometry experiments. The training deals with the standardization of sample preparation, cell culture/treatment dose and time of treatment optimization and specialized method of data analysis.These modules will cover one or more of the following modules: Apoptosis, Reactive oxygen species quantification, Mitochondrial membrane potential study, cell signaling, multicolor immuno-phenotyping, Phagocytosis assay and NK cell assay, cell proliferation assay and multiplexed cytokine/ chemokine detection etc.
Analyze the Flow: This is a 1-day lecture followed by demonstration session on analysis of flow cytometry data. The course covers in detail the structure of flow cytometry data file, data analysis software and various gating strategies. The session can be extended with take home trial softwares for analysis of flow cytometry data files.