Services offered
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Basic and Advanced Flow trainings


Consultancy on Experiment setup/review, data analysis, data interpretation and manuscript review. Consultation for experiment designing, data analysis and interpretation: This service will help researchers to design their flow experiment by using appropriate antibodies, fluorochromes, reagents and proper controls. This will help researchers to eliminate repeat studies due to technical errors with flow cytometry. Data presentation for publication: It has been published that a large number of published flow cytometry data is presented in a incorrect way, which leads to wrong or erroneous conclusion. This service will help you to remove errors in data presentation/conclusions, which will enhance the data quality for publication.


Customized Flow Trainings (CFT) Designed for keeping advanced users in mind. This service will provide researchers with an opportunity to design their own modules for training.


Contract Data analysis (CDA) This service is designed to help researchers with their flow cytometry data analysis. The benefit of this service is to get complex data analysis done in quick time without spending extra time and money.


Training for researchers/scientists new to flow cytometry


Training and assistance for the flow cytometers


Training and assistance for data analysis softwares